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Last night Dave and I made Maxine a special surprise to continue her experiments with textures.

We buried her farm animals in a jello mould for her to dig out.  The idea was inspired by this blog post at TinkerLab.

We made the jello from 3 packets of Knox Gelatine and followed the directions (as though we had 4 packets).  We did 3 because – we only had 3 and I wanted the jello to be softer to make it easier for her to dig into.

We encountered a few problems along the way:

1.  The animals float so we had to weigh them down with a mixing bowl:

2.  There was not enough jello to cover them so they stuck out a bit – which I did not mind as I thought that might help her get them out and be accomplished at her task.

We easily got the jello out of the mould by running some warm water on the outside.

3.  Unfortunately it broke slightly between the cow and the sheep

Doesn’t the pig look so happy to see you!

Maxine was very unsure about this and did not like how it felt.  She would poke it and then walk away and then poke it again.

She was more excited to see her stones

But we left it out for a bit while she played and she came back to it a few times.  Although she never got any of the animals out – she did eventually poke at it until it came apart.  Then she slipped holding it on the tray and that ended her time with the jello.

We will do this again in a few weeks.  I might check at the dollar store for a few more plastic animals that are a bit smaller to put in or make a double batch of jello.  Dave says we should have put stones in it!

Published on: August 7, 2011

2 Responses to Jello-moo

  1. Kristina says:

    What a really creative idea…I will need to try that with Addison!

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